While social distancing measures have been removed the virous has not gone. We want you all to enjoy the pool and to be safe.

Please, please, please do not come if anyone in your group is not well with a new cough, cold, temperature, diarrhoea or loss of taste & smell.

Please do wipe down your changing room with the soap spray and paper provided when you have finished.

To reduce the load on changing rooms it would be appreciated if guests would consider arriving “beach ready”, that is with their swimming costume under their clothes and putting their clothes into their bag rather than leaving them on the benches or hanging them up.

Please shower before you enter the pool and take you towel with you into the pool area to dry off before you return to the changing area.

Please make sure you bring your own buoyancy equipment, toys and balls (but no large inflatables) as it is not practical for us to leave this equipment out as we would have to sanitise it every time. There will be woggles on poolside that you are welcome to use and which will have been sanitised for your use.

We are trying to maximise ventilation so doors on poolside will be at least ajar if not wide open, depending on the weather.  Do feel free to close them.  Similarly, the doo between the changing rooms and the pool room is normally open to help ventilation but if you would prefer it closed that is fine.

We have added an extra 15 mins to booking slots so parties do not overlap.  Please make sure you leave at the end of your 15 mins dressing time.

The Sauna is not in use.


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