The Tower House Pool is a fully heated, indoor swimming pool located in Melmerby on the A686 between Penrith and Alston.

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Swimming Pool

The pool is 10 metres long, 4.1 metres wide and 1.1 metres deep.

Access can be made using steps with a handrail.

The temperature is kept to 30 deg c.

Pool Side

There are a number of chairs for observers.


The sauna can be included in your hire for an extra charge of £5.00, made on the booking page.  The sauna will be switched on when you arrive but may take some minutes to heat up. Four people over the age of 8 can use the sauna at one time. Please see the pool rules for who may not use the sauna.

Fast Lane

The fast lane provides a water stream to swim against meaning that you can swim continuously without the need to turn. The speed of the water is easily adjusted once you are in the pool making it is very user friendly. While it is intended for serious swimmers and those who are trying to improve their fitness all competent swimmers will enjoy the ‘challenge of the machine’. Alternatively, children enjoy playing in the constant stream of water.

Changing Rooms

There are 3 private changing rooms.


There are 2 toilets.  1 is suitable for use by Disabled Persons.


There are 2 Poolside Showers and 1 private shower.

Lockers for Small Valuables

A number of lockers are supplied for small valuables.

Facilities for Disabled Persons

Access to the Swimming Pool is level throughout and can be used by wheelchairs.  One toilet is suitable for Wheelchair users.

The entry to the pool is by steps with a handrail.  Due to the small size of the pool there is no specialist equipment available for assisting disabled persons into o out of the pool.